Entrepreneurship Survey - Are you ready to take the entrepreneurial Journey? Take our quick quiz to see if you are ready for the next step!

Can you start and finish tasks independently?  Business owners know how to, and even like to, work independently. They are willing to take full responsibility for creating and completing their own work schedules.
Can you set and achieve short- and long-term goals? A business owner takes on the responsibility for planning, marketing, and overseeing the success of their business. Running a successful business means taking the time to formulate and implement a well-thought-out business plan.
Do you have the self-discipline and self-motivation to work for yourself? Successful entrepreneurs know how to set and manage priorities, time management, multitasking, delegation, and outsourcing. Self-discipline is a vital factor to growing a successful business. Self-discipline is about doing what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it. 
Can you manage money wisely? If you decide to start a business, how do you intend to finance your business? A key factor to starting a business is being prepared to handle the financial ups and downs of opening and growing a new business.
Do you know how to measure success? A successful business owner knows, how to set his or her own internal and external “barometers of success.” As a business owner, you are responsible for setting your own standard of excellence. Do you measure success by money earned, recognition received, etc.?
Are you comfortable generating your own compensation? Business owners are responsible for creating their own paycheck, retirement plan, taxes, insurance, vacation pay, etc. Being your own boss means taking responsibility and living with the financial uncertainty that often comes with owning a business.
Do you know your personal worth? An employer tells and shows you how much you are worth by the amount they are willing to pay you, by new opportunities provided, and how they invest in you. As a business owner, you determine your own worth!
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